Enrol your Pet

Congratulations. Your decision to enrol is the first important step towards helping your pet enjoy life to the full.

To enrol into the Pet Slimmer Programme you will need to take your pet to a Pet Slimmer Clinic in your area so that they can:

  • Advise you on your pet’s ideal weight
  • Recommend the right weight loss product and
  • Provide you with the exact feeding amounts for your pet’s target weight
  • Arrange your enrolment gift

Don’t try to do it alone. We advise that you schedule at least monthly weigh-ins which allow you to assess progress, make feeding adjustments and get advice along the way. Weight checks are usually free and over the years we’ve found that it’s one of the key ways to ensure steady progress and successful weight loss.

If you cannot find a clinic close to you call us toll-free on 0800 228 783 and we’ll help you.