What shape is your pet in?

Pets can vary so much in size and shape, even within a specific breed. This can make it difficult to determine if yours is overweight.

The Body Fat Index was developed by Hill’s during a multi-year research programme in co-operation with a leading international veterinary school and is currently the best method available to determine your pet’s ideal weight.

Use our handy tool to determine what your pet should weigh:

  1. Select Cat or Dog.
  2. Fill in your pets current weight in kilograms.
  3. Click Next Step to prceed.
  4. Determine your pet’s body fat % using the images and descriptors on the Risk Chart and select the correct radio button.
  5. Press Calculate to determine your pets ideal weight.

Some broader, more muscular breeds can hide excess weight fairly easily. So if your pet does not have an ideal body condition or if you are unsure, we strongly advise you set up an appointment with a Hill’s Pet Slimmer participating practice who will be able to make an accurate assessment of his weight and be able to offer you the best advice on helping your pet to reach an ideal body condition.

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