Ideal weight by breed

The first step for ensuring your pet lives a long and healthy life is to know what your pet should weigh. But determining a pet’s ideal weight is as much an art as it is a science. Even within a breed pet’s can vary so much in size and shape that evening pinning down a range can be difficult. Think about the variations you may have seen between Jack Russells for instance

While this tool may be helpful in determining your pet’s ideal weight based on his breed, we recommend that you have a discussion with your vet before making any final conclusions.

To use this handy tool:

  1. Select your pet’s species.
  2. Click on ‘Next Step’ button.
  3. Select your pet’s breed.
  4. Click on ‘Calculate’ button.

* If you don’t know your pet’s actual weight, simply leave blank and click on ‘Calculate’. An ideal weight for the selected breed will be shown.

If your pet is not at ideal weight, we strongly advise you set up an appointment with a Pet Slimmer participating practice. They are qualified to assess your pet’s weight and if needs be, enrol you in the Pet Slimmer Programme to help your pet shed weight and reduces the risk of serious weight-related medical conditions such as respiratory problems, heart disease, diabetes, skin conditions, arthritis and even cancer.